Monday, 18 April 2016

Post III: Performance #1

  Project #1 || Everyday Action 

Kristal, Spencer and I worked together to create our first performance this past week.  We used a mic, a piece of paper, a pencil and a sharpener.  With these objects we explored the idea of the unknown.  We began the piece by setting up the mic.  Only Spencer was sure of the correct way to do this.  Then we split up into three different areas - I was in control of the mic, Spencer held the mic and shifted where it covered and Kristal wrote on a piece of paper her childhood memories util the pencil broke, in which then she would sharpen the pencil, all while having the mic picking up on all of these everyday sounds.

What do you feel was most successful? 
I believe the use of how we began and ended our performance was most successful.  We began by all three of us lining up at the beginning and standing still for a moment before starting out performance and repeating this at the end of our performance. I believe by doing this, we had a clear beginning and end. 

What would you change? 
I would change the action we portrayed to something a bit louder and more everyday-esque; something everyone can relate to doing daily. 

How did you feel while doing the work?
While working I felt a bit nervous.  I had no idea what I was doing messing with the different mic buttons.  Turning things up and down at random when I’d never touched anything like that before was a bit nerve-wracking.  In the end, I think the randomness of my work contributed to the piece itself.


  1. Zara,

    The documentation of your performance is absolutely amazing. Within these photos you can see how cohesive your outfits are which can often be overlooked. In actuality this carries so much weight when watching a performance.

    One of the first things I noticed about this performance was the intent and efficiency within each of your movements. There was no excess so to speak
    (your black & white outfits really aided with this intent vibe). It felt every movement was done with the purpose of efficiency and acuteness. Each of you were operating on different planes of movement and with differing intent; collectively it translated as working together but in different ways. It was really satisfying as the viewer to see difference underneath a uniform and cohesive plot.

    The lighting was wonderful. It truly added to the vibe of concentration and efficacy. The one light had this one purpose. Each person had this one duty. There was such high degree of functionality and this almost maddening monotony of working over and over again at the same thing. It is like the job you despise so much but at the same time take comfort in because it is routine without thought. And it is easy and so uncomplicated because no thought is required to perform that sequence of action.

  2. Again, very insightful comment, Viviana - I agree, it was sparse - every action counted -- efficient. and Zara, I liked reading your comments about the work!

  3. I really enjoyed watching this performance. I thought the absurdity of Spencer's movement played of the stoic nature of you, Zara, and Kristal. My favorite part of the piece was the beginning "set up" when the group turned on the amp and plugged in all the equipment. I saw the chaos in this moment and thought it was quite funny. I watched as one person would plug something in and someone else would immediately come along and change it. I think this moment fit in well with the later action, especially when Spencer started putting the mic to different peoples heads and even went out into the audience.
    I didn't know that Kristal was writing anything in particular, from my vantage point, I couldn't see what was being written. I like the level that is added when I know that she was writing about her childhood. You said this performance was trying to be as everyday as possible and I can't think of something humans do more of than think about the past.