Thursday, 28 April 2016

POST VI: Performance #3

  Project #3 || Live performance + VIDEO

For the third performance I worked again with Kristal.  We performed this piece, “growing up,” in class then again for this video.  We were inspired to create a work with an unexpected sound - we read children’s books with various “adult” news articles, publications etc. pasted inside.  We were dressed up as children and set a scene of a bedroom.  In the live performance we had an audience member tell us goodnight and we responded “Goodnight Mom/Dad.”  The purpose of this piece was to address the ever-present access children have to media’s portrayal of the World.  With the internet, it’s so easy for children to read and see things that they shouldn’t necessarily see - things which are “too grown up”   

What do you feel was most successful? 
I really liked the audience’s reaction and interpretation of our piece.  I’m glad audience members understood what we were trying to convey.

What would you change? 
I wish our performance wasn’t as theatrical.  In a way, it felt more like acting that a performance art piece.  I believe this was because of our props.  However, I also think that they conveyed to the audience that we were children - which was our ultimate goal.

How did you feel while doing the work?
I enjoyed performing this piece.  I was excited to see the audience’s reaction and hear their interpretations.  I also had fun dressing up - it reminded me of being a kid again. 

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  1. Yes, I agree with you Zara. This work felt too theatrical, too pretend. How could you transform this work? How could you use the intention to create a work that was real? Challenging!